Location: Seoul, South Korea

It wasn’t Myeongdong that drew me in, obviously.

If I’m bored out of my wits (which happens very rarely), 80% chance you’d find me somewhere quiet listening to my favorite chill songs looking through our South Korea trip photos… which was back in 2014. I know, I know. I’ve mentioned this a thousand times before. But how can one get over seeing a glimpse of their own home after 20 years? I will never get tired of reminiscing the most painful yet happy four days of my life to date.

Whenever I go somewhere, I don’t usually photograph touristy photos. After a day of adventure, lying on my back on a bed I’m unfamiliar with but oddly comfortable in, I’d rewind my day through my camera and see tons of photos about everyday living, strangers going about their day. Not much selcas or of the people I’m travelling with giving their best smiles towards my camera. Most of the time I’m grateful because I got to capture moments that might take time before I see again, or maybe even never. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I just don’t like photos that do not carry a story reverberating from deep within them or at least weave an idea for a story out of my head?


As the title of this entry states, these are very random, unorganized and uncategorized photos I haven’t posted from our 2014 trip. And that’s just for 4 full days. What more if I have a year to explore this city? Definitely crossing my fingers I get to go back very soon!

Untitled Untitled

A very quaint morning around our neighborhood in Mapo-gu in search for the perfect Korean breakfast. Reminds me more of Japan than Korea though? Minus the Hangeul characters

We stayed at a hostel located in the Mapo-gu area. It’s the residential area on the opposite side of Hongdae. Our hostel was right in front of the bus stop so it was manageable to go in and out of the neighborhood and hop off the bus to ride the subway. Most sites would recommend you stay in the bustling area of Myeongdong because it’s where the shops are but if you prefer solitude and being able to walk around without lots of people, Mapo-gu is a good choice!


From where I sit: a bus we took from outside the hostel going to Hongik Univ. station


From outside the Gyeongbokgung station. That roof lining though!

Untitled Untitled

We didn’t really know how the transportation system moves around when we arrived so I took photos of random street signs we passed by just in case we get lost along the way. Haha




Hongdae in the morning

Hongdae is a district in itself that suffers from dual personality disorder. Do not be too fooled by its peaceful and quiet facade in the morning til noon because as the sun sets down, the place starts to open up lights you’ve never seen before. It comes alive like a monster who was left asleep for a couple of years and is suddenly starting to open its eyes. Hongdae lives up to its hype. When one wishes to see an area with youthful aura, it’s almost automatic that people will direct you to this place. Hongdae is an entire world on its own and the vibe here is contagious.




I am in love with this photo and I don’t care what that looks to you. Haha it’s like a little French street in the middle of Seoul.


Spot the Donghae! Myeongdong would make any beauty enthusiast gaga over all the products being sold!

Unfortunately, during our first visit, I wasn’t into make up and skin care yet. I’m a total noob, if not a snob. The only things I bought were my first ever BB Cream (Missha’s Perfect Cover) and some mask sheets because they were both the range that time. Next time, my darling, next time.


Random street corner around our neighborhood again

Walking around places a lot makes me appreciate my environment much more. I get to take in sceneries that only happen for a splitting moment and I’d obviously miss it if I were riding a taxi or bus. I see people carrying the world by their shoulders while some traipse away happily, holding the universe at the palm of their hands. In the end, walking has a lot of perks for me. Aside from the fact that my body could use the additional exercise, it reminds me of my goal which is to live slowly and walking is, I guess, the slowest way to transport one’s body to another place.

Despite feeling regretful because I used some money for VSCO, I like how these photographs turned out. When my photos don’t have a shit ton of filter, I feel most proud of them. :-)

Photos taken using my Canon 1100D (kit lens)

I hope you enjoyed walking through the random streets of Seoul with me! Here are some other snaps of the city:

Seonyudo Park

Day 2 in Seoul

The Start of the Happiest Days of My Life

Chill by a Coffeeshop in Seoul for those who enjoy listening to the Korean language as much as I do

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