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Who would’ve thought I’d enjoy something like covering my books with plastic most especially that I hated them since I was younger? When that time of the year comes in, people start queueing up in lines for new notebooks, pencils, pens, school bags and everything else that students might need. Alongside the shopping is the terrifying amount of new text books to be carefully wrapped in plastic cover to avoid them getting old too fast or being soaked in water. We all know how middle school students could be.

I usually have my mom or sister do the wrapping for me; I hastily do my covering which will leave them mad just to repeat everything I did from scratch. I’d hop away from the chaos happily to join my neighborhood friends in making the most out of the remaining summer days we have together. Little did I know how covering books will come to haunt me during my college years – the ripe time I ended up devouring book after book snuggled inside my room, especially during summer when I have all the time in world, or so I would like to think.

The books that quickly piled up on my life library would always leave people in awe whenever they get the honor of going inside my room and taking a peek of the world through my windows.


coveringbooks-3 coveringbooks-6

Just like how novels take me to another world, another adventure, so does physically covering my books in plastic. I’d usually get up on a Sunday morning, the best time to do it, and take my time in covering each book carefully as if clothing a newborn child. I used to be the meticulous type when it comes to my books: no lines on spines, no folding of pages, no highlighting on text and most importantly, no any kind of sauce on my treasure. I used to tell myself this life library is what my future child would inherit from me.

Covering books up gradually became therapy for me. It’s a quick, simple yet time-yielding break when school, and life in general, gets a little too much for me to bear. Maybe you haven’t really thought about the activity as something so calming and soothing so I suggest you try it out especially if you have a lot of books.


Never thought something so menial and ordinary could bring about calmness and peace especially to weekend mornings when we usually (or I, at least) rush through things particularly work or school stuff.

What other activity can you think of that’s not ground breaking but brings you peace whenever you do it? ✨

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