I still don’t know how I feel about vlogging travels. Don’t forget to jump to 720p!

I’m back with a travel montage of our trip to Bangkok, Thailand last October 2015. I’m probably the worst video blogger but at least it’s here despite being almost a year late. I was watching the last clip I published and it made me dizzy I immediately got off my lousy ass and started kind of a remake of the short one. It was supposed to be just a personal video that I could go back to when I miss the twin of the Philippines but I thought, why don’t I share it here?

One of the main things in this video: most clips are now on normal pace compared to how I did the first one which was almost always 4x faster. I apologize if your eyes suffered through those 3 minutes. I also divided the videos into two so another one’s to be uploaded soon.

It’s slowly coming to me how I want my travel vlogs to look: slow-paced, calm and something that looks more like a memory rather than just to be published on social media. I’ll also try to lessen the time I spend on documenting my adventures next time and focus more on the place I’m seeing, maybe a minute or two will suffice (hopefully I abide by this). I’ll be out and about in October so we’ll see how that will go.

As for blogging, I’m in a bit of a slump lately. Or maybe in an overwhelming slump, I must say. I hope I’m not the only one in this struggle, let me know. I’m just preparing for my trip when I have the time or drowning in Youtube videos until I knock myself out to sleep.

Thank you for watching or even reading this post, lovely human. I wish you happy days ahead! :-)

Check out the video on Youtube for more info.

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