Location: Seoul, South Korea

My small bag is ready, another adventure ahead!

While Day 1 of traveling was all about trying things out and all that, Day 2 was of little adventure. Bad things happen and our trip to Seoul was not an exception. After our climb to the Namsan Tower, my aunt’s blood pressure spiked up because of the cold weather and endless walking around so we had to rush to the nearest hospital and ask for a doctor’s advice. She was fine though but she had to miss the remaining tour we had to do and stay within the hostel’s area so she doesn’t get too stressed.

Also, there aren’t a lot of photos for Day 2 because I keep on forgetting to bring my camera along wherever we go. I was just so excited to go places. Haha! But I swear to all the Korean gods I’ll be having my compact camera very soon and take all the photos I could next year. :-)


Buses in Seoul are dreamy. They reminded me of almost all Korean dramas I’ve consumed, they also were the ones to constantly make me realize I’m really in South Korea already. Also, I only used one card for transportation AND eating in convenient stores. How much more convenient could that get?!

2015-07-19 01.30.35 2


Because of the panic we had caused by my aunt’s blood pressure, Mark and I were left to roam around by ourselves. I insisted we visit the Seonyudo Park near our hostel (1 bus ride away) because it was an Iris filming location. I’m making it a life mission to go back to this place, maybe during spring or autumn, when I could blissfully read a good book and bike through the whole park. It’s huge!


We didn’t dine a lot (in restaurants) during our time here simply because we felt like actually sitting down for almost an hour or 2 would steal away precious time we could spend walking around. What we usually do to survive is eating street foods: tteokbokki, fish cakes, jjajangmyeon, mandu, you name it! Now that I think about it, not dining a lot made me miss their street food so much more. Koreans surely know their stomachs, the food were very much appropriate for the ruthlessly cold weather and really warms up your tummy once you indulge in it.

2015-07-19 01.30.29 2
Untitled  2015-07-19 01.30.27 2

We usually end our nights in the busy streets of Myeongdong and just spot loads of coveted bags, shoes and jackets. I remember Mark and I being mistaken as a couple by a salesman in one of the stalls here. The disgusted look on our faces may have been divine. Haha! So I just politely told the man, “Oh, anieyo. Dongsaeng!” My Korean was extra bad last year but he seemed to understand but laughed out loud. Mark and I think it’s because he [Mark] looks older than me so it’s unbelievable for the man to think that I’m his noona (older sister). I love Koreans already. Oh, I’ve said that?


2015-08-29 12.46.35 12015-08-29 12.54.35 1

Or some nights we stroll through the random musicians in Hongdae and just listen to original Korean music.

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  • Reply Louise Ramos

    This made me so excited to go to Korea in July. OMG, I might cry when the plane lands–it’ll be sinking in that I’m finally seeing for live real what I’ve seen in all those dramas and reality TV shows.
    Caffeine Rush

    February 8, 2016 at 19:07
    • Reply Patria

      It’ll be the most surreal part of the trip – when your plane lands when you arrive and when you take off for the ride back home. So excited for you, Louise!! How long will you be staying? :)

      February 8, 2016 at 19:15
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