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Wake up, lovely creature, it’s time to kickass.

Monday is The Dreaded Day. We wake up earlier than we do on the past two days and pack our bags to leave the house. But should it really be? Sometimes these negative emotions are so ingrained in us we tend to forget we’re the ones who created them – we are the ones responsible for hating on Monday, it didn’t really do anything aside from exist in your calendar. But today, I hope you use this Monday to be productive – both at work and at your personal well-being.


There is nothing wrong in dreaming with both your eyes wide open. As the trees and residential houses change to high-sky buildings and paved roads, remember you are here. You are breathing. You are living. Existential questions are always hanging over our heads and they’re okay, they won’t be there forever (or maybe they will and just change variation).


Don’t forget to grab breakfast and start the day with something you’ve been postponing for so long. May it be a call to a friend you haven’t seen for ages, or that leap to take towards your goals. We all lead different lives and our dreams vastly differ from each other. Do not compare your planner to someone else’s medals and achievements. Let the strong January winds remind you how limitless you are. Dream and soar higher than the clouds.


Do what makes you happy.


People will endlessly bring you down because they see something good in you or happening to you. Let them do their thing but never let it get to you. Continue on your walk, donning your invisible crown. You may feel happy yet alone. Dear, you can breathe on your own. Never forget Gman will always be by your side and somewhere along making your dreams a reality, you’ll stumble upon people who are full of positive energy and will always cheer you on. Live for these future friends today.


Now is such a powerful, terrifying yet beautiful word. It means do things today, at this very moment. Stop saying you’ll do it later or tomorrow because chances are you’ll never get around to doing them. It’s difficult to chase after your goals because 50% of the time they entail an arduous process before you actually get somewhere and that’s what is likely holding us back. Be brave and fearless, chances are things aren’t so complicated as you thought they’ll be.


Despite the blocks and challenges, keep your head up. The Haneul Park was once a landfill but just adore its beauty now. After the knock-outs and overwhelming anxiety, you’ll emerge as beautiful as a butterfly and it will be such a sight to see. Nobody begins their journey on a climax. Enjoy every single stage of the process and believe you’ll get there in time.


As they always say, “Believe in yourself because if you can’t nobody else will.” Everything starts within you, with you. Make that giant leap or small step towards what you really want. Ironically, in this world with billions of people, yourself is the only one you can count on forever. Stand tall, be confident and believe that the universe shall conspire with you as you run towards the direction of your dreams.

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