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Why not take the time to relax on a Monday?

We’re already half way through 2016 and seems like everyone’s busy with something. New work, relationships, goals, travel, and everything else in between but how are you? How is every part of your being holding up? What’s the status of the vessel you use to store your soul in in this world? (I’ve linked a little playlist which I think should be nice to listen to while reading.)

I didn’t even get to feel the week that has passed. I became so consumed with sideline work, I forgot to take a breather and check in with myself. Today, although the weekend has already passed, I thought why not make this Monday a time for reflection and rest for a change?

Everything’s fast and instant in modern life. Food, communication and entertainment can all be gotten in a click (except food but apps!). I don’t wish to be carried away in this too fast-paced development and forget to actually & properly live.


I like waking up before everyone else does. It feels as if the world and I are the only ones alive and there’s an infinity of possibility ahead of me. I check the cracks in between my bones; the blood flowing (or not) through my veins and the overall status of my human vessel. It’s like being in between birth and death – and you feel like you can do everything; change your life and run the world.


They say breakfast is an essential in the morning but usually I don’t have the appetite for it especially when I’m already running late. Something much more important for me: letting yourself know how important and valuable you are. You are pieced together perfectly; aligned with the galaxy beyond comprehensible so embrace all that creates you.


Something I’ve been asking myself a lot lately: Hi, are you happy? It’s also something I like asking random people because it stirs personal and deep conversations. It lets me into the core of your days, how you are deep down and somehow, I find it comforting when people let their frustrations out. Kind of a win-win for the both of us.


We usually rush through things in the day: errands, priority tasks, to-do lists, exercise, and social media. I mindlessly go through task after task I easily forget the most important thing of all: what is it for? What motivates me to get all these done? Is there even a reason to do them?


Before I lay my bones and soul to rest, I go for a run around the neighborhood. The constant change of scenery have always been comforting; it made me realize how much I do not hate change – I hate it not happening instead. For the longest time, I thought breaking away from my routine and things always shaking me up gave me anxiety. Somehow, fortunately, I was able to embrace change like a long lost sister. We’ve been best friends ever since.


My eyes wouldn’t shut; I sip some tea as I traverse through another world beyond what I can see everyday. It’s a weirdly beautiful world out here: out of place, always collapsing but always finding a way to get up, and quiet. An environment I want for myself someday.

Enjoy the rest of the week, human. May you find good new music and yourself in between the beautiful days.




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