Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Is this reality? Or is it just fantasy?

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful Bangkok becomes come the night: when the stars start to shine brightly along with the many buildings that light up and the little outside market stalls. Like a mini opera in Sydney, the sky starts to dim and the spotlight comes gradually on the main actors’ faces, in this case on the city as a whole. It’s probably a wrong move to leave the country at midnight, I was looking out the window the whole time we were on the airport rail link bidding my goodbyes to a city I know I’ll see again, but maybe not so soon. The city’s night lights hold my heart dearly, it will always have a special place there wherever I might be.

Before this teary goodbye with the city, we went to the Baiyoke Sky Hotel – dubbed to be the highest peek in Bangkok – on our second to the last night, to take in the scenery of the night. I can’t understand the frustration of locals in their supposed “traffic”, which can be seen on the top of the sky hotel. Maybe because they haven’t been to Manila, I’m guessing.

What I loved especially in this place, given there are tons of other rooftop bars scattered around Bangkok, is that they try not to get the place crowded so you could enjoy an intimate time with the city lights. They try to limit the number of groups that enter the floor so as not to spoil your photos with so many people. I think that gesture’s really sweet and something a lot of the visitors fail to appreciate.

Just for THB400, we were able to see some cool stuff from the 78th floor like some boats inside, a “Bangkok Gallery” stand, which I didn’t mind a lot – my eyes were glued to the view outside! We were also escorted to the 84th floor which was an open revolving floor (not really moving) where it’s best to see Bangkok skyline at night. It was such a view and I think I could spend the entire night there with the massive, bright changing lights but unfortunately we had to move back down to the 83rd floor for drinks.

78th Floor


84th Floor  Untitled


83rd Floor


We stayed the longest at the bar area, I’m assuming it’s where everyone stays the longest. The upbeat music of Kygo blasts from the bar’s speakers and I immediately got up from my seat and looked for the DJ. I shyly came to the DJ with big glasses, a cap on his head and his headphones hanging on his neck. “May I know what song this is?” and he nonchalantly points to his laptop at the title of the track playing. I hastily write this down on my phone and thank him. I routinely did it for three more times until the DJ is already looking at me strangely. In retrospect, I should’ve just used my Shazam app, but I can’t remember if I already have it last October 2015.

I was constantly documenting my stay here – something I pledged to myself I’d never do again on my next leave of the city. I’d take it all in, I promise. It doesn’t matter if people can’t believe I’ve been somewhere – my eyes and soul carry those memories forever, or at least until the day I can’t recall.

I’ll have to remember next time.

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