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A playlist for the love that is all around us – whatever the kind.

Spring has finally knocked on the doors of those countries who actually have it and I’m still dreaming of cherry blossoms and the gentle warmth of the sun over my side of the universe. In a nutshell, I cannot wait to get out of here. But for now, I shall be content with the passing of days, with the autumn colored leaves around me, and the good music life has to offer. I’m letting all the bingsu I can consume into my tummy without guilt, I’ll run as fast as the wind and as fast as my legs would let me and let myself into the abyss of love – the feeling humans find so fascinating it’s almost a necessity for them.

This time, I’d let myself fall.

클래지콰이(Clazziquai Project) – 함께라면 feat. 김진표 (Can’t go on my own)

Coffee Boy // That’s nothing

Raspberry Field // Saturday Afternoon (토요일 오후에)

Han Hee Jeong // 내일

One More Chance // 널 생각해

John Park // Falling

Vanilla Acoustic // Need to talk (대화가 필요해)

Park Bo-young // 떠난다 (Leave)

Shin Seung Hun // 마요 (Feat. Beenzino)

Younha // 널 생각해 (Prod. by 이찬혁 of 악동뮤지션)

Most people would say love is a very happy feeling but arguably there are tons of other emotions we feel that would count as love but isn’t so giddy. We fall, we trip, we cry and feel lonely even if we feel the love emanating from our warm chest. The playlist goes from a short-lived spring fling to leaving things behind you and that other person because you’re both better off that way – simply two planets apart. It captures the days when you’re still looking through a glass for that person you thought you won’t be able to speak a word to but a sudden change in the wind caused you to live through the happiest days of your life.

Whatever stage of love you’re on, I hope this makes you feel something and I wish for happy days ahead of you. <3

Photo is from John Park’s Falling MV

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