Location: Chuncheon, Seoul South Korea

The island made for couples. Half kidding.


It will forever remain a mystery to me how it feels like growing up in Korea — where culture runs deeper than your own blood veins and where you have sometimes no say when an elder orders you to do something. Going to Nami Island by bus from Insa-dong made me meet different types of the older generation: there were the reading kind who’re more interested in their newspaper than a foreigner, the market type who’re hurrying along the not-yet-busy streets of Seoul to gather goods in the nearest mart, and the traveling type who stood in line with us waiting for the driver to get started for the province of Chuncheon where Nami Island is located.


My first thought upon landing in Nami Island was how nice it’d be to grow old in a place like this. The trees feel relaxed and just looking at it was refreshing enough. Going to Nami Island is a nice birthday experience — everything was calm. The island runs a little busy, however, due to the flock of tourists but if you explore enough, you’d be able to find quaint spots without much chatter.

nami-5 nami-4

One of the many things I noticed about the people in the island: they were eating a certain type of hotdog and everyone was doing it. I remember posting it on my Instagram account, haha. Aside from getting some good chicken wrap for lunch with my mom, we also stayed at a coffee shop called Swing Cafe. The weather was too nice so we didn’t pass up on drinking outside the coffee shop despite their interior being so aesthetically pleasing.



We all know how much Filipinos enjoy a selfie or two (more often than not, we exceed that) when visiting a new place but Koreans take photography to a whole other level. Everyone was carrying a selfie stick in one hand, and their partners’ hand on the other. They’d look at a bigger landscape and see if they suit that background. At first, this was something I passed up on — a part of their modern culture I don’t see escaping in the near future. As much as I’m down for any type of change, I hope they don’t lose sight of what’s really supposed to be their “background”. What I’m saying is: they’re still able to appreciate what’s beyond the good selfie and likes they get. I’m not saying it’s bad to compose and see nature (or anything else for that matter) and see it as a good backdrop but I just hope its real meaning remains.


Live a little slower,

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  • Reply Richel V.

    Tbh, I think the entire Korea is for couples. I keep seeing them left and right when I was in Seoul. Haha. Nami Island was my favorite destination on my trip. We spend half a day in there, taking photos, drinking hot choco, and eating chicken skewers. I think it would be magical to see on winter. Maybe I’ll get the chance to come back.

    March 20, 2017 at 17:23
    • Reply Park

      Can’t forget the gazillion couples sporting couple outfits, Korea truly is for couples. I’m glad Nami Island was a favorite of yours! Gotta get off my ass and start working on my favorite part of Seoul! Haha I wish to see Korea in winter too – I mean the snowy and magical one, not freezing my butt off every time a wind goes my way!

      March 21, 2017 at 08:37

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