Location: Seochon, Seoul South Korea

The first of many kimchi cafes that don’t actually serve kimchi. 

Getting lost in all the streets of Seoul isn’t shocking — it’s a must, and it’s something the country will create for you if it has to. As I wandered around Seochon, looking for a place to restore my strength from all the walking looking for Seochon Garage, a serendipitous moment happened: I smacked my head into Ohoo Cafe.

Ohoo Cafe was actually in my places to check out as it was a recommended cafe for people watching. The tall glass walls allowed ample light — if not a little too much — to the cafe lending itself a perfect spot for photography. As the article I’ve read mentioned, it is good for people watching, especially of locals, since it’s that tiny part of Seochon without too much tourist crowd (dem tourists have been sleeping on Seochon, I’m telling you).

ohoocafe-4 ohoocafe-5 ohoocafe-7 ohoocafe-11 ohoocafe-13 ohoocafe-15

I spent a pretty good four hours here, I think, just catching up on my reads, reading the booklet I bought from Jongmyo Shrine, enjoying a delicious iced caramel macchiato and of course, looking outside the window. Ohoo-Cafe has this homey vibe, as if your brother is the one making coffee for you early in the morning. The barista I chanced upon wasn’t in uniform and the overall look of the place seemed more like a home than an intimidating coffee house.

ohoocafe-10 ohoocafe-14

Most of the time, I get annoyed whenever I go to a coffee shop and crowds start to gather making the place too noisy but I didn’t really mind the ahjumma chatter while I was here. I’m not sure about all their menus, but I believe you can also enjoy some pastries here.

Live a little slower,

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  • Reply Richel V.

    The place looks like a studio, too. I spent an hour or two people watching in Seoul. I normally don’t spend my time when I’m abroad people watching but there’s something about the way locals move in Korea. And the way you can spot the tourists in the crowd.

    March 2, 2017 at 14:00
    • Reply Park

      Now that I look back at it, I think I see the “studio” feel! Haha yes, Koreans look so interesting and fashionable too so I don’t blame you ;)

      March 2, 2017 at 17:35

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