Location: Gahoe-dong, Seoul South Korea

But really, is it possible to have one favorite coffee shop?

People certainly have different ways of tackling their creative slumps – some find themselves devouring book after book, some console themselves in front of their screens catching up on their series and there are those who look for a new cafe to hide in and hope from all the Creative Juice Gods that a sliver of inspiration touches them at the slightest. More often than not, I find myself being the third. I’ll jitter my way to a random coffee shop nearby where I live and weave words together as much as I can – otherwise I fall into the lovely world of korean dramas only to realize it’s already night time.


4M Cafe felt like a light nudge, a push towards wherever I thought I was headed. My quiet afternoon spent reading my new copy of Kinfolk (grabbed old issues at Kyobo bookstore) felt like a scene from my dream work – not having to be in an office space for the whole day and I get to interact with people I haven’t known for months. I was engulfed in a space where creative people meet: photographers, entrepreneurs, writers, models and other work even the person working cannot name. It transported me to a glimpse of how it’d be like to Drop Everything And Follow Your Passion (and coffee).


Traveling, I guess, is a long kind of distraction – the days/week/months/years-long search for inspiration. It sidetracks you to an unknown, undiscovered path both of the place you are visiting and of yourself. You realize your limits, you get to know the areas you’re lacking and where you’re at your best. Everything your eyes set itself to is fresh and novel, you feel as if it’s a spark of inspiration.

4M Cafe is situated somewhere along the street where Bukchon Hanok Village is. I was walking my way to the nearest station (spoiler: Anguk station) when the two-story coffee shop captivated me with its ambiance and tall glass windows. It felt like my very own sliver of inspiration: wooden tables and chairs, pairs of Korean bestfriends sipping their afternoon coffee and the atmosphere of freelance working.

I feel compelled to say it’s my favorite coffee shop in Seoul to date but really, is it possible to have just one favorite? In Seoul no less?


Live slowly,

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