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My first attempt in sharing my Korean beauty obsession.

But we’re not about the slather kimchi onto our faces today.

The number of Korean women with perfect skin who grace the world on a daily basis is probably as plenty as the new types of BB creams their country produces each week. The amount of korean drama I watch do not help in any way to stop me from slapping my face with every softening, brightening or smoothening skincare product each night praying to Korean goddesses I come close even only a little. It’s going to take a miracle but I’m willing to invest no matter how small my hope is. But to retract a few steps back, before all the frenzy of serums and creams, is a wonderful discovery of mankind (mostly Koreans): double cleansing.

Double cleansing is the act of removing makeup before you jump into any of your usual skincare regimen. The double cleanse starts out with an oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser—you need two different formulas to properly and thoroughly cleanse your face. — SOKOGLAM

There are tons of options on how to remove makeup including irritating your face with makeup wipes, sunbathing with cleansing oils and lip staining with cleansing balms – I’m guilty of having tried all mentioned. Eep.

In between dragging myself to the not-so-attractive Philippine airport and the horrible traffic that accompanies it, most of the plane ride I could only think of finally getting in our hotel and taking off all the makeup on my face. With a cleansing wipe, nothing is complicated. You swipe across your face and voila! chemically-made enhancers of the human face is already untraceable but my face unrecognisable due to the hot mess redness that is the product’s immediate after effects.
Despite the havoc it leaves, after delving into the process that is double cleansing, I knew I could never, ever go back to splashing water directly to my face right away and consider it clean. Eeky as fuck, as my cousin would’ve phrased it. Long before makeup enthusiasts thought of using tissue to remove dirt from the face, I was using cleansing oils. As if sunbathing on an island in Visayas, I’d messily pump a few of this on my palm and create a lather ready to penetrate my face. Or on a cotton pad, if deemed necessary.


Sun screen and primers seep deep into the skin like ocean divers. Overtime I felt they were still sitting on my face every night before going to bed even after cleansing. Meaning my makeup wipe + facial wash combo does not deliver squeaky clean finish that I’ve always loved (you know, that one when your skin is more synonymous to wet plastic cover than skin; some oily skin people tend to have the bad habit of preferring that). Water and oil do not mix well, hence the need for yet another oil to dissolve oil-based products. WHO KNEW ELEMENTARY SCIENCE WOULD COME IN HANDY? I turned on my genius – Google – and searched for other-than-makeup-wipes options.
Although cleansing balms still tend to be on the mosturizing side of the spectrum, the after effects of this cleanser is starting to sit well with me. I just go in for a refreshing foam facial wash to dissolve any flimsy feeling. So recently, I joined the craze over this solid cleansing balm. My package came with a foam cleanser from the same line despite being smaller than the balm’s cover lid. It’s good if you’re craving for a very (very) tight feeling after cleansing. In retrospect, they do go well together! If you’re a makeup junkie, it’s never too late to jump into a step that your skin will thank you for in the long run.


Before you hit a store and pack up on cleansing balms, oils or wipes, consider the makeup products you use on a daily basis and how you want to feel after each cleanse. Remember: Oil (sunscreen, primers) + oil are a good combination for flushing out pollution and deep-seated dirt aka leftover oil-based makeup. Let me know what kind of cleansing routine you follow or what you feel like using :)

Happy cleansing!


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