Location: South Korea-bound

Heading back home, finally.

And by home I mean South Korea. There is no country as mesmerizing and as interesting as Korea for me. I closed my eyes and partially ticked a box off my 2016 list on the third day of January: go back to South Korea. Alone.

It has been a constant and boring cycle on the 10th of October each year of my 22 years of existence. I finally decided that this year wouldn’t be the same. I promised myself that this year will be a calm, quiet and peaceful turning of a leaf. Still boring, but with a twist.

You will stay as long as you like, and leave only when you’re ready. You are anonymous in this city: no one knows your age, who you are, or what you do for a living. In this moment you can regain your life. Feel the beating of your heart, take a deep breath, and listen to yourself. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Savor these stolen moments.  – How To be Parisian aka how I’ll be spending October

As you read this, I may be on my way to the airport already, high up in the air procrastinating on more Korean phrases to use or already buying makeup in Myeongdong if you’re a little late. Oh, my mom is accompanying me for a couple of days but she’ll be traveling separately later. She still can’t leave the baby girl alone despite the fact that I’m already a grown woman who can smack the head of a robber if time calls for it.


All I’m saying is, I’ll be MIA (again) for a couple of weeks making love with the country I love the most. Making love for me means taking public transportation at any time of the day I wish without a specific work place to go to or walking along tree-lined streets of Garosu-gil where I enjoy the breathtaking view of leaves ablaze with different hues of orange. October, aside from being my birthday month, is autumn season for my favorite country. And although I haven’t seen the season with my own eyes yet, I’m about to now and I’m already in love.

I’ll be partially off-grid the entire time I’m home even if I’ll be in the country with the fastest Internet connection. I wish to absorb and breathe in consciously as much of Korea as I can. I’ll be tweeting from time to time of course and maybe grammin’ but Snapchat isn’t an option for me any longer cause I’ve uninstalled it from my phone and haven’t looked back since. :—–)

Despite my rambling, I feel like I still haven’t parted with you the real reason I’m going. And maybe it’s because I don’t really need one to hop on a plane and experience a different pace of life. Before we say our “annyeong!”s (goodbyes) to each other, give Lee Hi’s World Tour track a listen. Note on the lyrics too!

Familiar people and surroundings
Enemies that I don’t want to see again
When you are tired of it, take the plane
And go somewhere farthest from this land
I’ll go, don’t look for me
My cellphone isn’t working there
I want to go higher
Not meaning by airplane, though, but anyway – I’m gone

I’ll be back with enough kimchi for everyone, I promise!

To my first ever solo travel, cheers!



Featured photo is by Ken of SeoulStateofMind.

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