It was a romantic love affair, something reminiscent of a slow-mo scene straight out of a Korean drama, getting this blog started I mean. Devoid of the sweet background music or people getting to witness it, it was enough to spark a couple of fireworks inside me, I was ecstatic. I hope you are too for the available reads and the reads to come.

If something about me, Park, is what you’re after, I’m practically a very easy person to summarize:

Slow living, essentialism, long walks, pretty little lights and everything-Korean

Moons and Bones, however, is what I create. It’s a place where I overshare my thoughts which is something I don’t do habitually in real life. I take photos of neighborhoods, streets, and most commonly of strangers. Every person you meet is a door to a whole new world, or something similar that I’ve read and I’ve been interested in them ever since.

If you still want to beg for more details, my assistant (aka my email) is always lounging around 24/7.

See you around x