Location: Tagaytay, Philippines

    I’m still not sure how to introduce my obsession for Korean beauty on this blog but here goes my first attempt. Also, we’re not about the slather kimchi onto our faces today.

    The number of Korean women with perfect skin who grace the world on a daily basis is probably as plenty as the new types of BB creams their country produces each week. The amount of korean drama I watch do not help in any way to stop me from slapping my face with every softening, brightening or smoothening skincare product each night praying to Korean goddesses I come close even only a little. It’s going to take a miracle but I’m willing to invest no matter how small my hope is. But to retract a few steps back, before all the frenzy of serums and creams, is a wonderful discovery of humankind (mostly Koreans): double cleansing.
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    Monday Reminders: How Are You?


    Location: Manila, Philippines

    We’re already half way through 2016 and seems like everyone’s busy with something. New work, relationships, goals, travel, and everything else in between but how are you? How is every part of your being holding up? What’s the status of the vessel you use to store your soul in in this world? (I’ve linked a little playlist which I think should be nice to listen to while reading.)

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    Location: Taytay Rizal, Philippines

    The sun has been nothing but harsh the past few weeks in Manila. After two months of unusually cold days, it was as if the sun missed being up on this side of the world. I wouldn’t mind it very much if only it’ll let up for a little while. It is a burden to walk for 10 minutes and feel all the water you’ve drank since morning clinging tightly onto your skin. It will only take a few seconds after waking up for sweat to break on my back and I’ll have no option but to get up and take a bath. I would constantly ask myself why I was born in this country instead of somewhere if only a tad colder. I’ve never been a fan of sunbathing and all the like.

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    Location: a rainy Manila

    I used to have a clear sense of why I run: I wanted to lose all the highschool fat I’ve accumulated so far. With my rugged Converse chuck taylors, I’d run at the university field near our house. I can’t run without music distracting my ears which was why my phone and earphones were always with me. I’d pick the most bitter and upbeat songs to keep me going.

    I started running during my senior year in highschool. I could still remember almost all my friends teasing me about how much weight I gained during the summer. It took me over a year to do something about it but I guess, better late than never. After school, every day, I’d religiously run with my father at the school field. We both needed it. I needed to lose some flab and he needed something to keep him healthy.

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    뭐라고? (WHAT DID YOU SAY?)


    Location: Manila

    This goes out to all those who are planning, dreaming or currently booking a flight to South Korea.

    Our 2014 trip to Seoul would’ve been easier if I had this guide book 2 years ago. Sometimes we ignorantly assume that locals outside our country would know English simply because it’s the universal language. Sadly, there are just as many people who don’t speak the language as much as those who do. In South Korea, most of the older population didn’t bother learning English. (or some did but don’t always use it)

    Good thing I was already studying the Korean language before our trip. I could read the signs and bus stops already which was a relief especially to my company. So how will you survive going to Korea if you’re not eager to learn the language in depth, not even the Korean alphabet at least?

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